The proper spelling of chemotherapy is chemotherapy. The proper abbreviation of chemotherapy is "chemo", not "kemo" or "cemo". How would you feel if you were that left out H??? Huh? That's what I thought! Now Spell It Right!

Chemo Kid, Cancer Kid

My oncologist decided that the MOPP/ABV (hopefully those are the letters) protocol would fit best my lifestyle. Some IVs, some pills. Happy. Nausea, fatigue, headaches, mouth sores, depressions? Of course!

First Chemo

First chemo was cool, I met an awesome lady in the infusion room with me, who months later died of cancer

I got asked a lot of questions, went over everything with my nurses (or did they go over everything with me?) anyways... eventually they hooked up my port, which finally drew blood (when my surgeon tested it after insertation, no blood return occurred)

I got bagged to some saline liquid, and eventually Zofran, the miracle anti-nausea drug. (I got a headache from this drug, but it does reduce nausea greatly!)

Then I got the IV of some of the chemo drugs, the first half of the protocol this week, the next half the next week. I think I'll put the rest of this stuff in my Chemo Experience Chapter. :) Hope you check it out!

"please excuse me, I must go shot myself!"

I really think the people in the cancer chat rooms are going to come kill me if I scare the crap out of them by saying that again. I must have shot myself a dozen times by now, it rarely hurts much.

You are probably wondering why I shoot myself? Cause I'm afraid to have someone else shoot me maybe? Then again, you may be wondering why I get shoot at all.

After my third chemo cycle my white blood count thingie started to get pretty low, and when you have a low white blood cell count you are more prone to get an infection like a flu or something, which isn't really safe while being on chemo, because an even more suppressed immune system will really delay your treatment, and you might have to spend some isolation time in a hospital, which is both expensive and boring. Not to mention the wonderful food you would be eating every day. *grin*

So like, this company called Amgen starting playing with some Ecoli and found a way to sort of "trick" your immune system into thinking you have an infection when you really don't, causing your bone marrow to produce neutrophils faster, thereby raising your white blood count levels to safer amounts.

If you missed the time to buy Amgen stock you are probably pretty sorry. You would have more than doubled your money pretty damn fast. A single shot of Neupogen goes for over $150 in most areas, giving in around 10 to 14 days in a row. So part of that money goes to the stockholders, and a nifty bit of it went to this web site explaining how Neupogen works!

If you are put on Neupogen it is a time to sit back and relax. You will feel a lot better on it than off it. I had a lot more energy and can now live a partially normal off-cycle two weeks between treatments thanks to the damn thing! And best of all, other than maybe a little bone aching which I can barely notice now, there are no side effects!

Neupogen is full of CHOICES, CHOICES, CHOICES

You get a lot of choices when you are prescribed Neupogen. You can get big needles, you can get tiny needles. Why anyone would want a big needle is quite beyond my comprehension, but the choice is there if you really must insist. At least I think so. Well, I don't remember trying. Get the small one. Less biohazardous waste!

Did you know that when you are on chemo your tissues are considered biohazardous? Pretty Cool Huh? Well not really... cause I lied. That was lame... uhh.. sorry. *frown*

Back to choices! So with Neupogen... you can choose to use it in the morning, choose to use it in the afternoon, or choose to use it in the evening. Or you could do what they do on TV, have a shake for breakfast, a light lunch, and a really nice steak dinner. But then you would have to invite me over! (my email if you are taking me out for steak.) Actually food has nothing to do with Neupogen, but you could still take me out for steak? *pout*

Back to the stuff. So you can shoot yourself, you can have someone else shoot you. It's easy! And no poking veins, this is a straight into some fat/muscle typey druggie. *sniffle* I think I'm going to miss the stuff, just like my portacath. So sad... So sad... *tear* Maybe you'll feel back for me and take me for some steak? C'mon, Please? All this I wrote for you??? No Steak!!! Ahh!!!

I shoot myself for like every day for a week, and get my blood tested every few days to see when I should stop shooting myself. It's nice to hear such LARGE numbers for my counts. Makes me feel more powerful. Just like how I am going to feel after you take me out for steak. Right? RIGHT?

Trippin' on Neupogen

In June 1997 I went to Seattle, WA to visit Sierra Online, my favorite software company. They are really cool there! I'm going back. I wanna work for them. They have really cool business cards.

I had my ABVD chemo drip on Friday, and left for Seattle on Monday morning. I had to take a bunch of drugs with me, including my prednisone pills and my Neupogen shooter-upper kit. I had no trouble carrying drugs and needles on planes, I wasn't even questioned at all.

Neupogen, however, must be kept cold except right before use, where you will want it to warm for a good 30 minutes so it doesn't burn going in. So I carried it (about $2000 worth of it) in an insulated lunch type bag with some ice packs for my lengthy trip that I think was almost about 8 hours total, with flights and layovers.

If you are on prednisone with a meal flight, it is a bad idea to sit near the back of the plane. You will have to watch all the food be prepared, smell the food, watch over people in front of you eat the food, all while you wait for your turn. I stared down the steward and stewardesses so much I think they thought I was going to take them hostage or something. The food was good nonetheless, when it came. I was hungry. Why don't they serve steaks on planes? I think that would be really cool. Why don't they serve steaks at school? Why don't I ever get steak?!?

I carried a little biohazard container with me to my hotels. Shooting myself was easy as long as I took my time and concentrated. Taking prednisone was kind of hard, immediately upon arrival at Seattle I purchased a jar of crispy pickle halves and some orange juice. These travelled with us through 2 states, Washington and Oregon. I decided I would have to part with my pickles at the end of the trip. It was a sad moment.

Steak, damnit, I want Steak I tell you!

I ate at the Space Needle in Seattle. It was cool to spin. I got steak. It costs $50. It was good. I was still hungry. I was on prednisone. I could have eaten two steaks. That would have been $100. I barely earn that much a week. I would have been poor. I want another steak? Can't you help me please? ;)

Halfway through treatment! Woohoo! Let's have steak to celebrate! (Oh shoot, I forget my wallet...)

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