Ironically, I will be writing a treatment 3 chapter after the remission chapter. I'm in remission, but I'm still going to have some radiation therapy.

I had a cat, my parents paid over $1800 for it, and it didn't even meow!

The last few chemos were a breeze -- at least for ABVD. Before I knew it, I had finished all 7 cycles. I had a CAT scan, and nothing was growing. I had some Gallium scans, and all were clear. I wasn't even disappointed that I wasn't glowing as I was nearly 8 months before.

And 6 days in to the 10th month, God said Remission. And he saw that it was good. So he celebrated with tacos.

I recently had a MUGA scan and a pulmonary functions test. My lungs work better now than they did 8 months ago. How cool! It must have been that I quit smoking. Wait, I never did smoke. But had I smoked, I could have used that as an excuse. Never mind.

Since I still have some mass left in my chest, negative on the Gallium Scan, and I was only a stage 2, I had a few extra opinions on whether I should have radiation or not. And in the end I agreed to have some. But not a lot. 2100 rads over 14 days. Something to the effect of low-dose mini-mantle.

Generalities (is that even a word? *shrug*)

Generally life is a lot better than it has been for the past 3 years. I can eat, a definite plus, and I'm happy. And I'm not in school. I think I like that almost as much as not being able to eat. And I certainly don't miss the cafeteria food. I started writing my book, and then put it down at page 50 or so, because I had a strange urge to actually do some school work. But... my school wants me to go back for the second half of the year. And I'm not really excited about it, considering how much better an education I am getting by not being there.

The forgotten long-term side effect

Sometimes my family tell people I have Hodgkin's. And I feel like smacking them. I tell them to shut up at the least, and to get it right. I had Hodgkins, there is a big difference between HAD and HAS. If only they would understand...

Next Week Starts Radiation!

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