Treatment 2

I often ask myself... when I go back to school and the teachers do their little ritual about how was everyone's summer, and I tell them it was the crappiest summer of my life, and they say, it couldn't have been all that bad, do I get to shoot them with some Adriamycin?

Times are Changing, Kid.

My oncologist, who wishes to be referred to as Dr. L., (herein "onc, doc, Dr. L, god") changed my treatment after the fourth cycle to ABVD, eliminating Prednisone (herein "preds, the almighty hated, doggiedoodoo") which reduced headaches and eliminated most of my insomnia.

Excuse me, what's in the bag?

Since I got a D (the one added to my chemo drugs, then there was English, Spanish III, quite a few other Ds this year...) I got a big bag of stuff added to my chemo which lengthens my treatment by an hour. DTIC, and I think I don't want to know what it stands for.

The original ABVD was supposed to be bi-weekly, but due to low counts, it was switched to tri-weekly with Neupogen. I was told by some sources who probably wish to remain anonymous that that stuff sells pretty well on the black market. You know my email address.

Back to School, (herein "hell")

I'm dead tired. I need ten hours of sleep every night, and a few naps during the day. So what does the government do. They SEND ME BACK TO SCHOOL!

No more school...

I went to school for a week. The second day, I caught a cold just like everyone else. But then I kept falling asleep in class. So while I was awake, I was sniffling. While I was asleep... I was in a tropical paradise... where the water was crystal clear, and then I woke up, and there was tonight's homework assignment. Umm. I was losing my sanity over the matter, so the school deleted my first and last periods, letting me come in an hour late and get out an hour early. I still didn't like it. So I went on homebound, and got a tutor who helps me with my work, and relays my assignments to and from school. And its great. I hope I never have to go back to school again! I feel so free!

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