Hi there! I'm Dave Kristula. When I was 15, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease. The chapters below describe a little bit about my experiences with cancer. If you are newly diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease or another cancer, a short or long-time survivor of Hodgkin's Disease or another cancer, or just a family member or a friend of a cancer patient, you'll find Dave's Happy Little Hodgkin's Disease useful. Good luck, and I hope this site helps you out! (Caution: You may find yourself smiling and laughing at parts!)

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My first course of treatment was chemotherapy and radiation therapy. I was one of the few who relapse, and I had a successful stem cell transplant, now Hodgkin's Disease free for over six years!

Purpose - Dave attempts to make us all think that his Hodgkin's Disease site has a point to it.

Prediagnosis - The Events leading up to Dave's Diagnosis with Hodgkin's Disease. (Part I of Dave's Hodgkin's Disease Story)

Diagnosis - Dave's Biopsy (Surgery) (Part II of Dave's Hodgkin's Disease Story) March 1997

Pretreatment - Staging, Scanning, and the installation of my new best friend, my port-a-cath! (j/k) (Part III of Dave's Hodgkin's Disease Story)

Treatment - Dave's first Chemo Visit (Part IV of Dave's Hodgkin's Disease Story) April-June 1997

Treatment 2 - The Continuation (Part V) July-October 1997

Remission - What a Cool Word (Part VI) November-January 1997

Treatment 3 - Radiation Therapy. December 1997

Relapse - Don't say it too much, I think I'll go deaf January 1998

Mobilization Chemo - Remission, yet again! March 1998

Apheresis - Stem Cell Man's Debut! March 1998

Stem Cell Rescue - April 15, Hope the IRS doesn't mind if my taxes are late... April 1998

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Stem Cell Video
- 2min 35sec of my Stem Cell Transplant for recurrent Hodgkin's Disease (pretty interesting!) - (needs RealPlayer)
The part of the back in the white is played by Joe Mierski and the part of the back in flowers is played by Allison. Dr. Ungar plays himself. The part of the hand is played by my mom, who is also the narrator. The face outside the window is played by Greg. We couldn't fulfill Sandy's contract requirements so she was voice only.

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