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Welcome to Dave's Site began in the summer of 1996 and had over 35 million visits for the fifteen years after that. (Total budget on advertising was about $300.)

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About a million people have taken my original course, HTML: An Interactive Tutorial for Beginners. - Take the free HTML course now!

Read my cancer paper: Cancer: Facts and Thoughts, which led to the video game called "The Cancer Game."

I'm working on some new design resources. Check it out so far -- TheSiftedBits.

In addition, thousands of students have downloaded my new interactive guide for the iPad, Web Design Basics - HTML and CSS Code. (Which has a 4.5-star review rating...)

Feel free to take the HTML Basics course, which teaches Presentational HTML. If you're looking for a more modern, CSS/HTML combination course, you can download my Web Design Basics course for Apple's iPad.

If you have highspeed Internet, consider trying treehouse interactive courses.

Learn Web Design, Coding & much More! 100% Off First Month.

You may also be looking for my CSS Guide, or The History of the Internet (1957 to 1996 : pre

You can visit the entire normal home page from the 2002 era (right when CSS become popular.)

If you're looking for new stuff, visit

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