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Making a great web site is much more than just coding HTML. You need to be successful at presenting your ideas in an interesting manner, whatever your topic may be. Ignorance may be bliss for the one who writes the web site, but that's rarely the case for the one who visits it. If your site looks unprofessional, so will your reputation.

I've put together this collection of tips for designing what I would consider a good site, one that will make your visitors take you seriously. I'm sure others may disagree in what they would consider a good site. You may choose to agree or disagree with anything in this guide -- there are no rules for good design.

I try to point out considerations you should take into thought, and many things visitors in today's age may find distracting or annoying. You will have a great deal of freedom while designing a site after reading my little tidbits, and hopefully you will have a very appealing final product!

Many parts of this guide will discuss using certain HTML tags and attributes to improve your design. If you don't know HTML, I suggest visiting HTML: An Interactive Tutorial for Beginners, written by yours truly. It will bring you up to speed on many aspects of HTML itself, no previous knowledge of constructing web pages is required.

If you are an HTML veteran, or just don't feel like learning HTML right now, you should find this guide pretty useful - maybe it will help you to uncover some things you forgot to think about. I hope you enjoy it. Comments are always appreciated! Well, go ahead and dig in!


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Quick Index

Glossary of Terms used in this Guide

Chapter 1
Getting Started

Chapter 2
General Design Considerations

Chapter 3
Layout Considerations

Chapter 4
Graphics, Backgrounds, and Colors

Chapter 5
Page Division, Legal Considerations, and Moving Your Site

Chapter 6
Using Tables for Layout

Chapter 7
Major Turnoffs in Web Design

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