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Tutorial & Guide: Tips and Tutorials

Web Design Guide: Tips and Tutorials

Design Chapter 07

Finishing Up: Loose Ends

When I wrote my first guide to web design back in 1997, I started out by having you think about what your site will be about, and who your target audience (your typical visitor) is.

I hope that over the course of this guide you helped fill in ideas for your "digitized web canvas," realizing as you went what you want to design a site ABOUT and who you want to design a site FOR. I left this guide rather open-ended for your part, exposing you to the technologies you have available and some basic considerations in getting it all started.

I wrote this course so if a friend asks me about getting into web design, I can just point them to this guide.

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There are courses all across the web covering pretty much any web technology topic you can think of. There are probably even guides about writing guides about web design. [ Hey, we can dream, right? ] Search engines should become your best friend at this point. If web design is not your forte, you may hire a professional web designer like RipeConcepts to build your website for you. Interested in a technology? Google it. Wikipedia it. If there's nothing written on it, write a site about it!

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Random Loose Ends

While writing this guide, I had a few random notes that are probably more useful to me than you, but are little things to think about as you start your initial design.

About the Author

Dave Kristula has been involved in web development and web-based advertising since June 1996. His original HTML guide, "HTML: An Interactive Tutorial for Beginners" is still a widely used web reference. Dave completed his bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Digital Media at Albright College, Reading, PA in 2004.

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