Most of you opening this page will see all of the line reading "984." If you can't see the full length of the 984 bar, you might want to consider a larger screen resolution, because the 984 will be visible on most of your visitors' screens.

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The 984 line should be visible on nearly all full screen web browsers on screens set to 1024x768 resolutions or higher, assuming there are no sidebars loaded. Please realize that even if you cannot see the 984, it does not mean you do not have a monitor capable of 1024x768 resolution! Many (but not all) computers can have their monitors set to 800x600 resolution even when their monitor can adjust to a higher one. If you're curious if your computer might be able to run at a higher resolution, please consider Google searching for a walk-through to changing resolutions.

For changing resolutions in Windows XP, enter changing resolutions windows xp

For changing resolutions in Windows Vista, enter changing resolutions windows vista

For changing resolutions in Windows 7, enter changing resolutions windows 7

For changing resolutions in Mac OS X, enter changing resolutions mac os x

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