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This page explains some of the terms I use throughout this guide. If you are already familiar with them, feel free to skip directly into Chapter 1!

HTML - the HyperText Markup Language. This is markup language that web pages are written in.

web page - a file written in HTML, usually placed on intranet or internet servers.

web site - a collection of web pages, linked together on a server.

to code - to type out HTML into a file.

tags - codes in HTML telling the browser to do something, such as make text bold, place a link, etc.

attributes - when placed in a tag, they specify an element. As blonde, brown, and red hair would be an attribute of someone, HTML tags have attributes to themselves.

whitespace - extra spaces and blank lines placed in an HTML file, that makes the code easier to read, but does not change the way a page is displayed.

render - the act of displaying an HTML file in a web browser, by reading tags and attributes from the file and interpreting them.

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Glossary of Terms used in this Guide

Chapter 1
Getting Started

Chapter 2
General Design Considerations

Chapter 3
Layout Considerations

Chapter 4
Graphics, Backgrounds, and Colors

Chapter 5
Page Division, Legal Considerations, and Moving Your Site

Chapter 6
Using Tables for Layout

Chapter 7
Major Turnoffs in Web Design

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