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Dave's Web Site Design Tutorial

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So you've learned HTML, and maybe even made your first home page - bragging to all your friends about it. Or maybe you aren't quite sure what you want to write a site on. Most people choose a personal home page to be their first real HTML experience. On a personal home page, you will usually see information about the author, possibly their family, their interests, and often links to some of their favorite sites.

A personal home page was my first experience with HTML, back in late 1995. Since then, I've tried writing sites on a variety of topics, but decided my main aspiration is teaching others about HTML and web design. Spending so much time surfing around, and by building my own pages, I've picked up quite a bundle of tips and taken a lot of constructive criticism.

A web site can be written on any subject. Some people write sites on cooking, others about musicians and bands. Some about TV shows - others about fishing or skydiving. Businesses often write sites about their products and services. You can write a site about anything you please. (That is, as long as it's not considered illegal in your area of residence!)

Whether you want to tell jokes or sell cars, you've got to decide what your site topic is before you set out to build it. You can start putting together your site once you have a clear picture of what you want it to be, and what information you are going to include. You'll want to choose what you want it to look like. Are you going to include any pictures or sounds? Will you make use of any advanced technologies such as Java or ActiveX? And what exactly is your target audience?

Pictures of diapers and milk bottles may go over well on a site for parents of newborns, but probably not so well on a site for professional investors! Large pictures of steak would rarely set the right mood for a site about vegetarian cooking! Think about who your main audience will be while you make your choices.

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Chapter 1
Getting Started

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General Design Considerations

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Page Division, Legal Considerations, and Moving Your Site

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Major Turnoffs in Web Design

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