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© 1996-2000 HTML: An Interactive Tutorial for Beginners
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Basic Page Structure


<title>Title goes here</title>

Body goes here


Really Common Tags

bold: <b>text</b>
italicized: <i>text</i>
type-written: <tt>text</tt>

Headings: <h1>Largest Heading</h1> through <h6>Smallest Heading</h6>

Horizontal Rule: <hr>

Paragraph: <p> ... </p>

Font Sizes: <font size=+1> slightly larger font </font> (you can use other numbers, including negative)

Important Alignments: add align="left" , align="right", align="center" i.e. <h1 align="right">big heading right aligned</h1>

Line break: <br> i.e. Line One.<br>Line Two.

Preformatted Text: <pre> ... </pre>

Regular link: <a href="http://url_here.com/">text for link</a>
Mail Link: <a href="mailto:username@host.com">email me</a>
or <a href="mailto:username@host.com?subject=your subject here"></a> to include a subject.

Inline Images: <img src="http://url_here.com/directory/graphic.gif"> (remember, use width, height, and alt tags for best performance.)

Center Tag: <center> </center> (you can also use <div align="center"> </div>)

(Hidden) Comments: <!-- Your user cannot see this unless they read your source code -->

Unordered List:

 <li> first item </li>
 <li> second item </li>
Ordered List (numbered):
 <li> item 1 </li>
 <li> item 2 </li>