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Adding Music and Videos to your Myspace Profile

Log in to Myspace, click the Music link right next to Comedy.

Then click "Directory" and search for a band.

A band page will usually have songs available, listen for the song you want, then click the "Add" button next to that song title on the right of the screen, and it'll be added to your profile.

AOL Music now allows you to post music videos to your web site or your profile. To access, a video, go to music.aol.com and type in the artist name, then click the video you want. You'll see a link for "EMBED THIS VIDEO." Click that to get the HTML code to copy and paste into your profile.

There are a lot of "hacked together" video code sites out there, but the most proper way to load your videos is to take the steps above and load the code from the band's official Myspace page. If your band doesn't have a Myspace page, and you load their music without their permission, you're probably breaking the law. Consult a lawyer about copyright matters if you are unsure.

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