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Changing your Contact Table
For most of you, you're not looking to upload your own background, just for a pre-made contact table code that you can cut and paste into your About Me: area to change the contact table. If this is the case, please try this search:
Web davesite.com
Assuming you made your own background graphic for your contact table, you'll need to upload it to an image host like Photobucket.

Example Code
Then, when you have a web address, http://something for your graphic (Photobucket will make getting that easy), you'll use this code: (Put it in your ABOUT ME area of your profile.)

.contactTable { background: url(http://YOURIMAGEADDRESSHERE); }
.contactTable table, table.contactTable td {padding:0px !important; border:0px;
 background-color:transparent; background-image:none;}

Replace YOURIMAGEADDRESSHERE with your image location.

Please also see:

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