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NEW ADDITIONS! I'm adding customizations that work with the new Myspace 2.0 profile. Our first section is a guide on switching to the 2.0 profile system. Read how here.

I need your help guys. If you have any clue what's going on, Myspace has become a disaster of pages that take 3 minutes to load and crash web browsers. Facebook is totally awesome for keeping in touch, but there's no way to make Facebook "your style." That's what makes Myspace continue to be so awesome.

The problem here is this: I can't find any sites on GOOD myspace coding, meaning for people who want to actually make kick-ass Myspace sites with their own custom artwork. If you know of a site with great coding tips, please e-mail me immediately. I will not tolerate e-mails from "copy and paste" sites that everyone is promoting.

If you have a copy and paste site, I will offer a link exchange on this page, but the new pages I'm launching are specifically for high-end coding (for band sites, and people who want to have something amazing).

Send me an e-mail now if you know a site. If you're copying and pasting the address into Hotmail, Gmail, or Yahoo! Mail, the address is Please include Myspace in the title. Thanks!

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