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Hosting Tutorial - Table of Contents
This course was developed in much earlier days of the web and has been updated
into Web Design Basics for iPad (also written by me, but much better course!)
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HTML5 Basics - Web Hosting Ideas - CSS, Web Design, HTML, JQuery - Twitter - Learn on your iPad

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A little history about HTML: An Interactive Tutorial...

This tutorial was a caffeinated summer project in 1996, right before I started 9th grade. It was updated extensively during my 9th grade year, and has been lightly revised several times over the years.

So, if you're thinking "This guy writes and spells like he never finished high school!" you're half-right, the majority of this HTML tutorial was written before I finished high school!

Less than a year after this tutorial was started in 1996, I was diagnosed with cancer. I wrote a book during my treatment, which, I believe, you may find very touching if you enjoyed this tutorial. Help me out and read the first chapter free online. :)

This tutorial was written by Dave Kristula (webmaster AT davesite DOT com).
This tutorial's CGI (Your Work!) script was written by Dave's friend (and a supergenius, according to Dave) Andrew W.
Web Design Basics for iPad to
Learn HTML and CSS Quickly.
Copyright © Dave Kristula. All rights reserved.