Dave's Myspace 2.0 Editing Profile Guide

Editing Code for Myspace Profile 2.0 - Getting Started with Myspace 2.0


Getting Started

To get started in customizing the new Myspace Profile 2.0, you must select Myspace Profile 2.0 as your default Myspace profile type. To get started, log in, and choose: [ Edit Profile ]

Click Edit Profile

On the next page, you’ll need to select "Try it out, you can always go back."

Click Try it out, you can always go back

Read over the information page about Myspace Profile 2.0 before moving selecting the following button:

Click Upgrade to Profile 2.0

Now, you’ll be taken to where the magic happens, the Myspace 2.0 Profile Customization Page.

To use one of the pre-made Myspace themes, Select “Select Theme” then click a Theme you like. After that, select Publish in the upper right of the screen.

Select a Theme, click Click PUBLISH

After theme is selected, you need to Publish it with this button as mentioned:


Once you are returned to your Myspace Home Page, view your profile by clicking your Myspace URL:


Congratulations! You have just completed the basic steps in upgrading to a Myspace 2.0 Profile!

Are you ready to start customizing your own profile now?


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