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Hosting Tutorial - Table of Contents
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Chapter 22

Combining Your Knowledge to Make Great Pages

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Finishing the Pages Before Upload

We're creating two pages in this chapter, but this chapter is shorter than all the others... how could that be? Well, it just so happens to be that you know virtually everything needed to finish the site already!

After you create the look and feel of a web site, adding new pages is a breeze. (Obviously, it'd be even faster using a program like Macromedia Dreamweaver (Buy@Amazon), but HTML is free, so I can't really complain, can you?)

We're using embedded lists for passions.html. We just open our copy of layout.html and follow steps just like in the last chapter:

  1. Change the title, save the file as passions.html
  2. Copy the navigation area and picture from likes.html, changing the links and picture.
  3. Copy the bottom navigation, modifying the links a bit.
  4. Finally! Add the lists and content, and save the finished page!

I'll bet you can figure out the steps for bookmarks.html. Check out the finished "My Passions" and "My Bookmarks" pages (in a new window, of course, thanks to target="_blank").

Finishing the Page with Meta Tags

There is one more step we need to do before we put our site on the web! index.html needs meta tags for the search engines. (Meta tags are covered in Chapter 15).

I opened index.html and added the meta tags after the </title> but before the </head>.

Here's what it looks like:

...</title> <meta name="description" content="Dave Kristula's Internet Home - Learn about Dave, his likes, his passions, and see his favorite bookmarks!"> <meta name="keywords" content="dave kristula david kristula likes passions bookmarks home page"> </head>...
Getting our Site on the Web

One last thing... we need to get our site online now that we've finished creating it. Check out the next chapter: Getting it on the Web: Click, Drag, You're Done!

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