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Hosting Tutorial - Table of Contents
This course was developed in much earlier days of the web and has been updated
into Web Design Basics for iPad (also written by me, but much better course!)
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HTML Tutorial Chapters:  

HTML5 Basics - Web Hosting Ideas - CSS, Web Design, HTML, JQuery - Twitter - Learn on your iPad

HTML An Interactive Tutorial

HTML Code MiniChapter 10.3: Short FTP Tutorial (Section 3 of 3)

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HTML: Uploading and Downloading files with FTP (section 3 of 3)

The FTP Chapter is broken into 3 sections after the introduction chapter.

***** I strongly encourage you to read about my suggestions for web hosts where you can upload your finished site.

FTP Section 3: Uploading and Downloading files with FTP Software

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To upload a file from your computer to your host, select your file in the left side panel and right-click on it, choosing UPLOAD. This will copy that file from your computer to your host. (It will also replace an old file with the same name if you have one on your host. Example: You are uploading index.html. You have an index.html on the remote host side of your FTP program.)

You can also drag a file from the left panel to the right panel to upload. (In some FTP applications, to may see an arrow pointing to the right, which will also upload a file.)

Once you upload the file to the remote host, you will lose the old file on your server. I only warn you about this because if you set up multiple folders, you may at one time or another accidentally overwrite a file because you were in the wrong folder. Happens to all of us when we are just starting out!)

If you want to download a copy of a file from your web host to your computer, select the file you want in the remote host side of the FTP program and right-click, choosing DOWNLOAD. This will copy a file from your remote host and add it your own (local) computer. If the file exists, it will overwrite it.

You can also drag a file from the right panel to the left panel to download. (In some FTP applications, you may see an arrow pointing to the left, which will also download a file.)

Note: You may see a selection in your FTP software for ASCII mode, binary mode, and auto mode. If auto is available, check it. Otherwise, select ASCII mode when you transfer HTML files, and binary mode when you transfer graphics and music files.

You should be on your way to FTP'ing successfully now. Most hosts will have instructions or a FAQ in their help section if you have further questions or are running into difficulties.

Again, I encourage you to learn about web hosting before taking your site live on the Internet.

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