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HTML Code MiniChapter 6: Clean Code, Comments, and Escape Codes

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Clean HTML Code...

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Clean code means that your HTML coding follows all specifications, I personally don't use true clean code, but very close to it. Here are a few ways to keep your code clean:

  • Don't type special characters into your code, instead type their escape code... many characters should NEVER be typed directly into HTML code... for example the "<", ">", the "©", "&", and the " itself. Instead, type &escape_code; (Ampersand, Escape Code for Character, then a semicolon). For these 5 characters, here are the escape codes...
    • For the < type &lt;
    • For the > type &gt;
    • For the © type &copy;
    • For the & type &amp;
    • For the " type &quot;
  • Use quotes around values in attributes... For example, if you want a horizontal rule that is half of the screen width, type <hr width="50%"> rather than <hr width=50%>, or if you want one that is size 5 type <hr size="5"> rather than <hr size=5>. Isn't it ironic that I don't? <g>

  • Don't overlap tags... Overlapping occurs when Tag A starts, Tag B starts, Tag A closes, then Tag B closes. This will cause errors in sensitive browsers.
  • Wrong Way (Overlaps):
    <font size=+1><b>This is Bold and One Font Size Bigger</font></b>
    Right Way (Doesn't Overlap):
    <font size=+1><b>This is Bold and One Font Size Bigger</b></font>
  • Wrong Way (Overlaps):
    <a href="here.html"><i>This link is italicized</a></i>
    Right Way (Doesn't Overlap):
    <a href="here.html"><i>This link is italicized</i></a>

The HTML Comment Tag...

If you are writing an HTML document, sometimes you may want to put little reminders to yourself with your code so that you will be able to interpret your coding better. A comment will not appear in a web browser when the page is displayed... it is only visible when the source code is viewed. You start commented text with <!-- and end it with -->.

HTML Code - Try it Yourself!

In the Box below, type the following HTML code, then click "Check it Out!" The HTML document you made will be displayed in your browser. You may wish to change the words within the tags just to try it out.

Try typing this:

<head><title>TITLE HERE</title></head>
<!-- No one will see this really long comment I have typed right here unless they decide to view the source. -->
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