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Hosting Tutorial - Table of Contents
This course was developed in much earlier days of the web and has been updated
into Web Design Basics for iPad (also written by me, but much better course!)
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HTML Tutorial Chapters:  

HTML5 Basics - Web Hosting Ideas - CSS, Web Design, HTML, JQuery - Twitter - Learn on your iPad

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HTML An Interactive Tutorial
Learn HTML code & tags interactively by example with the help of this free coding tutorial!
HTML: An Interactive Tutorial for Beginners - Dave's HTML Code Guide - Learn to code HTML with our free HTML help guide!

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Another favor you can do: I co-designed a free computer game called "The Cancer Game" that is made to help reduce stress in cancer survivors undergoing chemo. If you want to beta test it, visit, and please tell anyone you know who had cancer about it. Thanks!

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HTML: A Tutorial for Beginners

HTML BOOK COVER Our original book has been replaced by the Web Design Basics app, available for $3.99 from Apple's AppStore.

I wrote a book titled The Crumpled Note about my experiences having cancer as a teenager. If you know someone who is sick with cancer, please buy a copy (read it) and pass it to them.


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