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Create a Web Site in 7 Steps!

The Seven Steps To Creating Your Own Web Site

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  1. Decide want you want to make a site about.
  2. Learn HTML, CSS, and web site design. (ALL FREE!)
    • You might be saying, "I'm confused already! What do all these letters mean?!?" Creating web sites is kind of like building a house.
      • HTML is the foundation, walls, furniture, entertainment center, and so on. It's not only the general structure (walls, floors) but also the data (for example, a blog entry or information on your product).
      • CSS stylizes the house... picks the colors of the walls, the type of carpet, and in many cases, the position of the furniture (and entertainment center).
      • Web design is what brings it all together. Once you know how to build a house, fill it, and how to make it yours--web design pulls it all together. It's the cohesive glue and mindset that turns HTML code and CSS styles into a piece of art.
  3. Make graphics with Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2, Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2, Adobe Photoshop CS4, or GIMP, or seek out royalty free images to use on your site.

  4. While you're working on your web site, you'll need to think of the place it's going to end up on the Internet once you've finished it. So, you'll need to select a host.
  5. Design your Site with your new skills, optimize your title and description meta tags, and copyright your work if it's original for $35 at the U.S. Library of Congress. (Consult a lawyer if you don't know about copyrights).
  6. Publish your files via web upload or FTP to your host or by drag-and-drop FTP, submit to search engines, and tell your friends about the site.
  7. Sit back and relax, and update as desired. Remember to check those statistics daily!

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The Seven Steps To Creating Your Own Web Site
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