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[Sync into the Net: October's Meditation]

October 17, 1997 by Dave Kristula


While on the road to the diner with my family this evening, I noticed a billboard advertising a local restaurant, and on the top a web site URL. Thatís strange... a local restaurant. An ISP, jeweler, or car manufacturer you would expect to see a URL, but a little joint in town?

Over the past few years, weíve all seen the Internet explode in the business world. Email addresses on business cards, and URLs on Toyota commercials. Have you seen any instances of the Internet fading away?

Seen a library or school removing a net terminal? Me, never.

If you are lucky enough to have a city cybercafe, has it closed it doors permanently? I doubt it.

Sailboats were invented quite some time ago, yet you can still buy one today. And tons of people do.

The color TV has sat on store shelves for decades, can you imagine it disappearing? I canít, itís too much a part of our everyday lives. As is the Internet, for those of us that have been lucky enough to experience it.

I know a lot of people that have sat in front of the tube hours a week and have yet to send their first email, or write their first homepage. But Why?

Some people donít get on cause they fear the netís so-called "Harms". Pornography, pirated software, and viruses. Oh yeah, and SPAM. But the advantages, in my opinion, greatly outweigh the disadvantages.

Your kids walk into a mall. They could get mugged, raped, or killed. They sign on to the net, they could run into some smut. But theyíd have to search for it.

Net homicides tend to be low, and even suicides are down. 'cause those who attempt often have someone to talk them out of it. If only the real world was always so lucky.

Then there was that young teen boy who hung himself after receiving email stating his girlfriend was breaking up with him. But that isnít your every day thing.

Once people stop being afraid, confused, and ignorant, the Internet will grow even larger. As it grows it will become more diverse. And with an IP and some bandwidth, anything is possible.

You could win a brand new car, or hit the lottery jackpot. Slap a Spice Girl, and buy a chunk of the moon. Order a pizza or some Chinese... maybe even run for President.

In the case of the Internet, everyone is jumping the bandwagon. Or however that phrase goes =)

I've noticed thereís no single instance of time on the net. Two dozen time zones, and every computer within each zone out of sync a few seconds. But we still get things done. A hell of a lot of things too!

Time is irrelevant. The Internet is here... forever. We are just going to have to accept that.

I have.

Now its your turn.

  Dave Kristula is the Editor of SLASH.
	He fears losing his job because he
	loves it so much, so he writes meditations
	every month to convince people to believe
	his side of the story.  And he gets away
	with it, well... most of the time.
	He can be reached via email at


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