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[Button Bars: Going Mainstream?]

May 22, 1997 by Dave Kristula


Iím sure by now you are all familiar with those pretty little indexes at the left-hand side of every single web site you visit, somehow it has become, well... MAINSTREAM!

Now if you are like most people with a home page, you probably have one of those dreaded Netscape Communicator (formerly Navigator) or Microsoft Internet Explorer "Download Now" buttons, or in a more rarer case, a Lynx button (which, to my knowledge, proves to be completely pointless, since Lynx doesnít even view graphics, so no one using the browser would see the button...)

If you are familiar with HTML (if you are not, here is that plug for my wonderful tutorial, HTML: An Interactive Tutorial for Beginners...) you may wish to try a button bar, which will help relieve your home page from the "mainstream" look. In this bar you can place buttons from some really cool sites you visit, and instead of giving the site a text link you can support them with their famous button (if available!) Itís like they always say, a button is worth a thousand... well... I guess a button is really only worth a thousand kilobytes and nothing more. ;)



First you will want to try out the invisible border (border=0) table, and throw a title in the first cell something like "My favorite sites", with a text color of white, and a bgcolor of black (because I think it looks cool like that, thatís why!) Then, in the second cell, (again, with a great bgcolor of your choice), throw your button codes and links, and then the center tags around the whole mess to make everything aligned. Confused? Good!

Oh yeah, if you need some buttons to start out your bar, try the Anti-Button Campaign...

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	the world is an HTML guru and writes
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