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[Getting paid to surf?]

April 17, 1999 by Dave Kristula


A new company,, announced on March 30th that they will pay web surfers 50 cents an hour to have their Viewbar(tm) open while they surf. Sure, 50 cents an hour isn't a lot, but how often are you really surfing? =)

AllAdvantage currently limits (as soon as it actually releases its Viewbar(tm)) the amount of paid hours to 40 per month, allowing you to earn up to $20 a month. Sure, it's not a lot, but it's not a little either. Most people will be able to pay off a good portion of their ISP just by watching a few hours of ads while they surf.

I assume that many have thought of starting a project like this, but none had the capital or expertise to actually go through with it. Or to risk it all in the process. In its first few days of operation, AllAdvantage has signed up over 250,000 users to its program. If each user surfs just one hour, they company will have to pay out over $125,000. If everyone surfs forty hours (which only people like me have the time to do...), that would add up to a hefty $5,000,000. Compared to television though, the company should make out like a bandit.

AllAdvantage makes use of a clever multi-level-marketing scheme instead of using conventional advertising. This should save the company millions in the long run. But not without a cost.

The MLM scheme works like this: you sign up yourself, and AllAdvantage will pay you 10 cents an hour for everyone you refer, and 5 cents an hour for the people they refer, and 5 cents an hour for those referred by those people, and another few confusing steps down the ladder. You still have to view at least as many hours of the Viewbar(tm) as those referred by you, so if you only view 5 hours you will only get paid up to 5 hours per person, depending how many hours they actually viewed.

I'm still waiting for the actual software product to be released (for download). It will sure be interesting. Meanwhile, you'll just have to put up with the lousy ads on my site that you don't get paid squat for. If you're interested in AllAdvantage, take a look at their site. If you like it, sign up and start referring your friends ;) You knew you kept that address book for a reason!

  Dave Kristula is the Editor of SLASH.
	He likes new internet startups
	and wishes more of them would
	go public as an IPO.  He likes
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