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Apple iPhone App Store: Potential Goldmine
March 10, 2009 By Dave Kristula

I've been thinking of writing an article about Apple's iPhone App Store for quite a while, but didn't really have the comprehensive collection of references I really wanted. They have since developed and I've felt comfortable writing my first article about this new feature of the iPhone.

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Get Paid for Posting your Images?
March 2, 2006 By Dave Kristula

I got an e-mail today about which is a relatively new site that allows you to post images in your own gallery, link to your gallery, and then get a share in the site revenue (yes: money) when people view your images. To me, this is an interesting concept that brings back many memories...

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Big Internet Billboard -- to Pay for College?
September 28, 2005 By Dave Kristula

Well, I'm sure many of you heard several years ago of a few people who were asking for donations to help pay for college (Heck, I caught on eventually, and now accept PayPal donations!.)

Now, one student took it even further... he made his goal to raise a million dollars, generated a lot of press, and seems that he's paid for college in...

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Virtual Economies, Real Cash
July 30, 2005 By Dave Kristula

Next Tuesday I will have over L $3,000 in my Second Life account. No, that's not $3,000 United States dollars, however, it is L $3,000 that I made in a game. So what, you ask, what's the worth of gaming dollars? Well, according to the latest market data at, I can cash out my L $ (Linden Dollars) for about $11.00 United States dollars, which I can have sent to my PayPal account and spend with my PayPal debit card. So how did I end up getting real cash from a computer game?

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BW II? Return of the Browser Wars
June 5, 2002 By Dave Kristula

Designers beware: Soon you will have to design for two browsers. How hard will it be?

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