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Computer System Building Checklist (2003-2004)
Speeding Up Windows 95 and Speeding Up Windows 98
Dave's Happy Little Hodgkin's Disease Web Site
The Caffeine Addiction Quiz! (humor)
The Top 10 Stupidest Lists Collection
The Top 5% Award (Of Sites that Gave our Judges Permanent Headaches
Internet Advertising - Intro - from 1996 - A classic
Rainforests: Diversity and Destruction - a paper from high-school.
Slash the(technology)mag(azine) - Dave's e-zine. webshop
The History of the Internet (compiled 1997)
CSS: An Interactive Tutorial for Beginners - Dave's CSS Help Guide
HTML: An Interactive Tutorial for Beginners - Dave's HTML Help Guide
Web Site Creation - Create a Web Site for Free: The Seven Steps To Creating Your Own Web Site
Dave's Beginners Guide to the Internet
Dave's JavaScript Tutorial - JavaScript for Beginners
Dave's Web Site Design Tutorial - Basic Guide to Web Design

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