We're Adopting Acres - Thanks to You!

I had a dream...

Most of you have no idea how this rainforest information site ended up on the Internet, so I figure it's a fine time to explain.

When I was in the 9th grade, in our science class we had to write a paper and create a project. Most people picked medical projects, I had a passion for the environment, so I chose the destruction of the rainforests of the world.

For my project, I said I wanted to post my report on the Internet, place ads on it, and use that money to help save rainforests.

Archived from 2005 - This site is deprecated

Thanks to you, and the 350 other visitors every day, we're now on track to Adopt an Acre of rainforest every two months. We've adopted two acres so far (July 2005). I'm hoping that someday, we'll be able to adopt an acre every month, but every 2-3 months is just fine by me.

If you're in a class that's concerned about the rainforests, or am just an environmentalist with a bunch of friends, please--please--please see if you can get together $75 to adopt your own acre. Remember, any single acre could hold the cure to cancer, AIDS, or other terrible health conditions that plague mankind.

See our rainforest acre adoption from April 2005
See our rainforest acre adoption from July 2005

(For more information on how we're adopting, visit "Adopt an Acre" at the Nature Conservancy.)

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