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I was suprised greatly by the fact that simple things such as fast food hamburgers have such a great effect on destroying the world's rainforests. The great diversity of each type of rainforest also stunned me, because I did not even imagine there to be so many different type of species that live there.

I am glad that I wrote this report, because if I hadn't I would have cared only very little about the rainforests and the other habitats of the world. I think that having so many guidelines for the report itself helped to destroy the actual power of the report, having to stick to facts without being able to add powerful comments to lure to reader to become more concerned about rainforest destruction.

This entire report was composed from information from the world's greatest single information source: the Internet. Because the Internet has been such a wonderful tool at aiding me in learning more about the rainforest with more content and less searching, I was able to learn a lot more in a small amount of time without wasting away hours just looking for a place to find information. Since the Internet has helped me greatly, I have decided to return the favor by writing my report into a web site available to users all around the world who wish to learn more about the rainforests. Hopefully over the next few months this site will become more content rich, especially with pictures, which are the most challenging thing to get because I for one have never been to the rainforest, and all other available pictures are under copyright. To have permission granted to use the copyrighted material can take weeks to month, so I am apologize for the delay to the readers and hope that once permission is granted it will be well worth the wait.

I want to thank you for taking the time to learn more about the world's great rainforests, and hope that you will spread the word about their importances to others.

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