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Added September 16, 2004

Added September 11, 2004

  • Cliff's World - My favourite things: Poetry, Rms Titanic, John Lennon etc...
  • My Personal website.... check it out - my website is all about myself and my family, I will also have a link for references in programming
  • The FPMOD club - Yes, random and weird. We have fun, which is the reason we started the site/club, oh, and to save the FMPODS (Flying Purple Monkeys of DOOM).
  • Data Striker
  • thirty-miles-west - My page. There's nothing much on it, but it mostly consists of odd rants by moi.
  • Comedy Industries - A small 'company' formed over 5 years ago by a bunch of moronic kids has now become a completely moronic site with annoying bouncing smilies and sites with bad jokes.

Added September 10, 2004

Added February 1, 2004

  • Welcome to Steph's page - This is a page that deals with everything i like and you'll figure out what i mean..... Some of them is MUSIC AND SELLLING BOXERS!
  • Notre Dame Sucks - A fun web page for Notre Dame haters that includes game summaries, pictures, "new and improved" lyrics to the Notre Dame Fight Song, and a message board.
  • Shadowslayer's Domain - A strange page with links random writings and other pointless silliness
  • Fully Clad-Trappings and coverings for the rest of us. - A fabulous t-shirt site that features funky shirts from the 1980's, favorite movies, funny sayings and other stuff. The t-shirts are cool... the site is just okay.
  • jeff gordon and more nascar - nascar,news,pics,message board,jeff gordon page,fallen driver page,more
  • Tripping the light an online novel - An online space saga about three pirates and an evil empire.
  • uh spring break.......counting down!!! obviously - If after going to my site your not ready for spring break, then don't go dammit!!!
  • My First Ever Site - Its my first, im still learning so i think im doing well for my first time hehe
  • Jeff's Army Page - The experiences of a soldier from the U.S. Army. Pictures, songs, and videos. Updated often.
  • Chairface - No number of captions can understand the horse I feel.
  • Maximus Mobile DJ Services - We DJ for house parties and small-medium venues. We DJ in the Bloomington/Eden Prairie/Richfield/Edina, Minnesota area.
  • God Bless America - America - Greatest country in the world? Bush - Greatest man in the world? I think not...
  • Elemental RPG - This site isn't that dumb, but I wanted to put this link on it because I liked dave's site and he helped me learn HTML.
  • Psychotic Cartoons inc. - A site that shows you what would happen if you let crazy people design cartoons for kids!
  • We Are All Badgers - Badger - derived from the Latin 'badgia' - found its way into the English language by hot-air balloon in the early 1200s. Find out how and when to use it!
  • My Web Page!!! - Html trainee stylee, getting more and more muddled by the second. Aim - to cram as much on one page as possible (cos dont know how to link yet to pg 2)
  • Prepare to be Hacked - This is just a page i made that simulates you getting hacked.
  • What is the BAEZ official page - What is the BAEZ
  • Hip hop site for old hip hop heads and new! - Hip hop site devoted to the true hip hop heads. Gear, wear, sketches, cd, and more!
  • Paul's 12 Stones Fan site & Personal WEb Page - uhmmmm just some crappy site OI threw together with no Html knowledge lol
  • lost page - a place to get lost, and push some buttons..and maybe checkout some HTML codes!
  • the Ballistics 13....Thanx for stoppin' by!!! - the Ballistics 13...the Nastiest Punk Rock in Detroit!!!the Ballistics 13 are a Detroit based punk band that get into just havin' a good time on stage. Loud, agressive and dirty, the Ballistics are doing it their way. Nothing is sacred in the pursuit of having a good time and making people laugh.
  • The General's Tent - A webpage, with commentary, dry humor, I do not need to go on, it won the award, just go there. Thanks
  • Jonathan Taylor Thomas Fansite - Jonathan Taylor Thomas biography, movies lists, TV appearances, trivia, quiz, message board, and art by the webmaster.
  • Chris's Page - A site with projects and game so that it will be interesting.
  • my kingdom - Michigan 4ever!! come and visit my shrine to all things diverse.
  • smeegle.cjb.net - the most hilarious site on the web
  • BattleMan3's house - BattleMan3 is a small mix of fake life events and stupid..things.
  • da best site in da world!! - yea, it pretty much sucks cuz my friend got my password and deleted it (he said it wuz an accident but u have 2 confirm it before it gets deleted)but i m rebuilding it. it iz the BEST simpsons site ever!!! it iz da bomb-diggity!!!
  • The Aaron Fan Club - Webpage composed of stupid anticks and humor thats pointless. Also, contains useless information, and criticism on everything.

Added February 18, 2003

  • burozoption.com - Buy and view art at burozoption.com by Christian Artist Kyle Burrows. Or just visit my site and check out all the crazy stuff.
  • Big D's site of Doom - A site of writing and weirdness, with all sorts of weird and wild adventures.
  • why. - A good way to tell someone how much you care.
  • Dance of the Moon - Coven, Wicca, Dance of the Moon, Goddess.
  • SHAMEFUL CHAT - It's a chat room where everyone nails each other with any bad talk they can imagine... the winner of the night is "THE DADDY" and the loser is "THE BITCH"
  • The Page Of Randomness - A whole load of random stuff, with extra waffle and incoherency on the side.

Added January 10, 2003

  • Rochester News - Pointless content and the The one and only Rochester News Top 10 list.
  • The Yank Website - First attempt at a Website for my Wisconsin based band called YANK.
  • Anti Bad Music Page - Page against stupid music that causes our society to go down hill.
  • The Forum (NW Music) - Forum for bands in the greater Seattle area. Discussions of topics mostly being NOT on the subject of music...
  • Welcome To My World - This is just a little bit of me on the web...my personal homepage.
  • Heaven - a unique view of life, and many different entertaining subjects. i guess thats it
  • Saving for Malaysia:Team Challenge expedition 2004 - I'm trying to save enough money to go on the trip with Team Challenger to malaysia. Find out about the trip and how i'm trying to raise the money!
  • Anarchy Scandals - Just a wacky page that a couple of buddies threw together.
  • Bailey and Bijou's Golden Retriever web page - REJECTED SHOW DOGS SEEK MEANINGLESS WEB AWARDS: Since they weren't pretty enough for the show ring, Bailey and Bijou are seeking higher self-esteem by racking up mediocre web awards.
  • We Like Pratt Falls--You Will, Too! - The HS principal Lotta Lard told me about this here Internet. Then the city council decided that maybe we should try out one of these home page dealies, just to see how it all works.
  • Davo-UK - Free Downloads, Chat and more ......

Added November 14, 2002

Added September 21, 2002

  • The Smartass' Web Page - Devoted to smartasses everywhere, who irritate the hell out of other people.
  • And Now For Something Completely Different - And Now For Something Completely Different... Oh all right, not that different... but still a very silly Monty Python page!
  • MissCutieAngels's Site- definetly not just sweet!
  • Nik's Page - Homepage, about me, pictures, icons, information
  • Cherie's Webpage - have a weird webpage. I designed my very own stupid games. I have a radio station, and links to all kinds of crud plus much more. Check it out if you a dork.
  • PSYKOjac's Homepage - A Great Figure Fed And RP Fed Site. GO NOW! OR Inhiding's Minnion's Will Eat Your Feet! Buhahahahah!
  • My Padded Cell - A humorous look at advice columns and my wacked perspective on the world.
  • Big Bob's Web Space - Music,Fun,Bio,Cool Things
  • Lost - if lost go here,maps, and just stuff to do.
  • Alternative Lifestyles - Site about alternative lifestyles an Long distance romances
  • Paul's Fun House - My site, me and links to my ezines!
  • Homerific! - Everything you cuold want on a Simpsons website! Themes, wallpapers, sounds, and everything else!
  • Ryan's Presto Page - This site gives you the chance to participate in astounding internet magic tricks right at your computer. These tricks will confuse you so much that a headache is almost inevitable.
  • One of the BEST Jedi clubs around!
  • The World of Stix - contains flash animations. my site is annoyingBEcause, its been up for a week and ive completely hchanged the design of it 3 TIMES!! and i make typos that i dont fell like fixin'
  • Paola's page - Absolutely self-centered personal homepage with nothing else but me, me and me... and links to pages I find interesting...
  • MutantCheese's BE300 Emporium - I would like to personally thank the people who made this award possible. To those of you whom have received permanent injuries due to my steel toe boots, I apologize.
  • Coffee Insomnia Chicken - What the hell? Craziest site on the net. Went crazy with MS Paint and Notepad.
  • The Sentence Structure - A web site containing my collection of poetry and prose, dementia and satire.
  • shofstetter@home - Yet another but the best of amature computer programing see all those naughty key strokes and Crash with us.
  • My first web site - my first site containing pictures of some friends and some animated gifs and jpegs and a few graphics.
  • Anime - A small Anime web site of my own.
  • When Gerbils Attack - The answers to all the questions that are stuck in the back of your head you dont dare ask someone are here.
  • Powers Shibby Page - This site is about pretty much anything i feel like putting on it..very annoying!
  • Everyone can have a bad day! The wacky challenge - Funny and weird pictures of members of many music bands sent by fans. Alan White from oasis was the first one to check the wacky side!
BelieveMy personal poetry page, I need more traffic:oP I also have pics, and links to my friends' sites...come see, judge for yourself:o) Editor's Note: And she's even sexy...
Amy's PageThis is my Page...I am working on it.
Aurora Griffon's Tranquil OasisI don't try to make this web page too high-quality. Yep, I'm positive that it gets annoying sometimes...
Shana's Little Spot on the WebThis page is mainly about myself and my life at college. Check out the photo album for a taste of my college life. I also have some of my poetry and links on my page.
Raving PenguinsThis site is pretty much about anything. It's got a photo album of me and my friends, mad libs, guitar schtuff, and trippy images, and I'm CONSTANTLY expanding and thinking of new ideas! I guess It's a "Whatever the hell you want it to be" site!
The Ambershee's SitesBig site. Big list of contents. Big style. Big waste of your personal time. Don't you have anything better to do. Also home of the Blair B Project :)
Zoran's WorldThe only place for all things Zoran. Read his words, listen to his opinions, receive his advice.
All round entertainment for family , friends and childrenGreat family photographs of 3 generations.Good entertaining photographs for children.Poems,quizzes,games,music all in one
SkyHawkFireHeartIt's the official website for Blackfeet/Umatilla artist SkyHawk, his resume, bio, gallery, travel log, pages for kids and reflections for adults.
Wall WritingStuff that I think.
Matt's Room"Poo"
Timmy's WebSpace of FunI like fun stuff, read about it here.
my waste of space on the netits filled with small amounts af useless info
COF Network!A cool site about Asia. (No, really!)
My little spot on the webThe Josh Berridge Bio page, Complete Bio,pics, thoughts, links, and a viewer submission page.
my great skating sitego to my site if you like skating and skating pictures and skate parks.
Kevin's CyberjourniesGreat links to Win95 shareware, X-File, Star Trek and Sci-Fi sites. Links to my personal favorite Internet Explorer enhanced personal homepages. Links to all the best search engine sites.
Bob's Wonderful Homepage!Buncha sucky links!
The Wilcock Movie PageAll the latest movies reviewed, updated every Saturday.
The HTML HelperIf you're new at making a web page come here to learn HTML.
Ika´s on line fairy talesInteractive stories for children of all ages! Funny!
The Samuel Wimbush PagePages of humorous short stories about and English Walter Mitty character.
Jonny's Home PageLots of cool goodies! Jonny's 5,000 Celebrity List, Jonny's Spa, and more!
Andy's Seattle Supersonic Music Page
CoMa´s Super PageSayings, Links, More Links, Info about PGP and info about RAR.
Dave's HomepageHome page of the creator of the award.

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