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Reasons to be a Computer Science Major

10.)It's totally appropriate to carry any number of electronic, battery-operated gadgets in leather cases on your belt.
9.) You know the difference between a hacker and a cracker. That's a great tidbit for a cocktail party conversation.
8.) You get to run the LAN party.
7.) In dating, getting a "no" from a potential date is not necessarily the end, due to conditional statements several elseifs may follow.
6.)You get to go to parties with other geeks with free food and soda. Okay, they're called programming contests, but that still counts, right?
5.)Free as in beer. Free as in beer.
4.)If you're a female in a Comp Sci class, you have a statistically significant possibility of finding one of your classmates attractive, considering almost all the rest are male.
3.)In the situation above, your chance of that particular guy liking you back is very high, because you may be the only female.
2.)People think Computer Science majors are really smart, can solve problems, and like caffeine. At least one is correct for any given student.
1.)1. After forking, you can freely kill your child (processes) at will.

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