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Top 10 Stupidest Lists

Stupidest Things to do on a Friday Night.

10.)Do all your homework.
9.)Go to sleep early.
8.)Have your best friend over to hang out in your three-foot-high indoor tent.
7.)Work yet again on your plans for total world domination.
6.)Lobby for all other days of the week to be removed so that every day is Friday.
5.)Hire someone else to do the lobbying for you so you can do other, less productive things.
4.)Clean all your old tacos out of the fridge.
3.)Go around from bar to bar, having nothing to drink, simply stating "I'm sure glad it's Friday."
2.)Have your pet monkey give you a long, relaxing massage.
1.)You know. That doll starting with the letter "B." But lock "K" in the closet first.

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