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Top 10 Stupidest Lists

Ways to Know You're an MP3 Trading Addict!

10.)Your trading computer gets its own dedicated cable connection.
9.)You've sold your stereo with the 5 disc changer.
8.)Instead of giving your kid a build-it radio kit, you gave them a build-it portable music player kit.
7.)Each member of your family has their own tune (that is played when the enter the room).
6.)You know how many MP3s you have but you don't know your significant other's birthdate.
5.)You've encoded your significant other's birthdate in an MP3 in your playlist so you can remember it.
4.)You can only go to the bathroom when you're certain you've got enough downloading to cover the next five to ten minutes.
3.)You spent your beer budget last month on a brand new ATA/100 100GB hard disk.
2.)You quit your job working at the record store because you knew its bankruptcy would be imminent.
1.)You see bit-rates in your sleep, and under 96 constitutes a nightmare.

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