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Top 10 Stupidest Lists

Signs Your Spouse loves your Cat more than They Love You!

10.)The cat gets to sit in the front seat on long car rides.
9.)Your cat gets taken out to dinner more often than you do.
8.)On your answering machine, you're mailbox #3. (Your cat is #2.)
7.)On your answering machine, you're mailbox #3. (Your cat is #1.)
6.)There's never any toilet paper but there's always plenty of cat litter.
5.)At Christmas, your spouse includes the cat's name on Christmas cards, but sometimes forgets to list your name.
4.)When your spouse gets home, you always hear "Meow Meow Meow" before "Honey, I'm home!"
3.)When your spouse leaves messages before they leave, they always place them at the very bottom of the fridge.
2.)Your cat is in the will, but you're not. In the event of your cat's death, your cat's kittens are next on the list.
1.)Your spouse left you... and the cat's gone, too.

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