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Top 10 Stupidest Lists

Ways to Tell you're an Online Shopping Addict!

10.)People call you instead of using MySimon and DealTime.
9.)You have 16 co-branded credit cards, and you only use each one for the online store it's branded with.
8.)You write nasty e-mails to Amazon every time their recommendation is slightly off from your true taste.
7.)Your pet monkey asks you once a week to find him the cheapest bananas online.
6.)The FedEx guy parks his truck in front of your house for over an hour every day, and recently has been taking his lunch breaks there.
5.)When you and your friends get together to go shopping, you all sit in the living room, network your computers together, and connect to the Internet through a DSL connection.
4.)You haven't gone to a mall or department store since the late 60's. (You worked with the department of defense in building the first online shopping gateway for the Internet.)
3.)You have a constant supply of food and beverages coming to your door so you don't have to stop shopping, and all of it was ordered online.
2.)Your pet monkey is allowed to sign for packages.
1.)You've nodded to everything listed above, but you have an online shopping site open in another browser window.

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