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Ways to Void your Score on SAT Day

10.)Start humming the theme song to the Simpsons.
9.)Whisper to your imaginary friend in the seat next to you.
8.)Bring a calculator with a QWERTY keyboard.
7.)Stare at the corner of the desk the next to you, just suspiciously enough to look like your cheating.
6.)Sit on the desk and start meditating during breaks.
5.)Write your answers in finger paint.
4.)Hit on your proctor.
3.)Wiggle in your seat and when the proctor asks if you are okay say you have ants in your pants.
2.)Fill in the circles in the name section so it spells obscenities.
1.)Have the answers for section 3 intercepted mid-beam while you are "messaging" a friend with your Palm computer's infrared capabilities.

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