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Top 10 Stupidest Lists

Ways to let a friend know you don't like them anymore!

10.)Give them a Pokemon Video, and every time they sneeze, say "Pikachu!"
9.)Lock them in the shed.
8.)Write a really vicious poem about them, and give it to their parents.
7.)Tell them that N. Weed Day is 4/21 so they miss all the fun.
6.)Say, "I don't like you!"
5.)Give them a rap CD for a birthday present.
4.)Burp in their face, and don't apologize.
3.)Invite them to lunch at the Taco Bell, and don't show.
2.)Have them babysit your pet monkey right before you potty-train it.
1.)Mail them a letter that briefly states, "Sorry, wrong person."

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