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Top 10 Stupidest Lists

Things to do with SPAM (the email)!

10.)Print them out and use them for toilet paper.
9.)Translate it into your second language for extra practice.
8.)Forward it to someone you hate.
7.)Forward it to your friends.
6.)Collect a week's spams and write your masters thesis.
5.)Print it out, circle the spammer's address, write return to sender across it, and drop it in the streetcorner mailbox.
4.)Take 20 spams, change the fonts, print them out, and make individual ransom notes to send to each spammer.
3.)Call the 800# on the spam, and recite the entire email backwards once someone answers.
2.)If the contact number on the spam is not toll free, call collect and repeat #3.
1.)see #1 of SPAM (the meat) list.

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