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Top 10 Stupidest Lists

Reasons to give your boss after being late for work!

10.)"My monkey tried to commit suicide and I had to talk him out of it!"
9.)"I fell and I couldn't get up!"
8.)"I had to shovel my driveway!" (as the boss looks outside and notices its summer)
7.)"You see, it's really a long story, and I've got so much to do! How about I just tell ya later?" *fake smile*
6.)"I thought it was Saturday!"
5.)(after being rejected with the previous reason) "I thought it was Sunday!"
4.)"See, I stopped at the red traffic light, and I swear it never turned green!"
3.)"I had to help the old lady cross the street!"
2.)"My monkey forgot to set his alarm again, see, and I had to drive him to preschool."
1.)"Oh my gosh! I thought you fired me yesterday! The only reason I came today was to clean out the office!"

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