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Top 10 Stupidest Lists

Things to do with a Light Switch!

10.)Flip it on.
9.)Flip it off.
8.)Use it as a coathanger.
7.)In attempt to remove a loose tooth, tie one end of a string to the tooth and the other to the switch, and then flip it!
6.)If you are a DJ, wire it to your entire system, and then flip it on in the middle of the night.
5.)If you are a DJ that lives near a church, wire it to your entire system and then flip it on during a prayer.
4.)Flip it on and off repeatedly during the night and pretend you were abducted by aliens.
3.)Record its clinging sound and sell it off to some stupid sound effects person!
2.)Use it for your daily finger exercises.
1.)Stare at it continuously until you are able to flip it using pure brain power!

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