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Top 10 Stupidest Lists

Ways to get your most disliked sibling from Point A to Point B!

10.)Be like your parents and say you can't afford it!
9.)NYC Taxi.
8.)Put them on top of the car and strap them down tight!
7.)Put them on the top of the car and distract your parents when they SHOULD be strapping them down tight!
6.)Take a picture of your sibling... then take a picture of point B and have them superimposed onto it!
5.)Have them push you in a wheelbarrow.
4.)Have the state build a prison there and get your sibling to steal a spork from Taco Bell at gun point!
2.)Dress like a police officer and commandeer a vehicle!
1.)FedEx All The Way! (remember the air holes and some trail mix!)

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