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Top 10 Stupidest Lists

Yes, Top 10 Lists! Welcome to the Continuously Evolving Collection
of Top 10 Stupidest Lists!

Below you will find the index to my collection of original top 10 lists. You should take note that they are ordered by when they were created, #1 being the first, #2 the second, and so on. These top 10 lists build up almost like a story, so if you visit a list halfway through but not visit previous lists, it may not make total sense. Putting the previous fact aside, you should enjoy these top 10 lists in any order, viewing only a few, or viewing them all.
- Happy Viewing (and laughing!)-
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There are currently 68 Top Ten Lists, and new ones are added frequently. (New top ten lists appear in bold.) So bookmark this page and remember to check back with us in a week!
(Last Updated - October 23, 2009)

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(001) Top 10...Things to do with a Newspaper!
(002) Top 10...Things to do with a glass of Water!
(003) Top 10...Appliances to plug into one single overloaded outlet!
(004) Top 10...Ways to make use of your Junkmail!
(005) Top 10...Things to do with a burnt out Light bulb!
(006) Top 10...Ways to answer the Phone!
(007) Top 10...Things to do with those Cheap Chinese Pencils!
(008) Top 10...Things to do with a Brick!
(009) Top 10...Ways to get your most disliked Sibling from Point A to Point B!
(010) Top 10...Web Page Topics!
(011) Top 10...Places to use when you cannot find a Restroom!
(012) Top 10...Things you would hate to Lose!
(013) Top 10...Ways to catch on Fire!
(014) Top 10...Bugs/Insects to find in your bowl of Soup!
(015) Top 10...Things to do with those Power Rangers Action Figures!
(016) Top 10...Things to put in a Plastic Baggie!
(017) Top 10...Reasons to give for missing the Toilet!
(018) Top 10...Things to do with your empty Aluminum Cans!
(019) Top 10...Ways to get your pet off the Garden Furniture!
(020) Top 10...Reasons to give for not having a Telephone!
(021) Top 10...Things to do with a Light Switch!
(022) Top 10...Reasons to build a Fence!
(023) Top 10...Things you want to see if your Pet Monkey is capable of Doing!
(024) Top 10...Places to find your Remote Control!
(025) Top 10...Ways to get money when you really need it!
(026) Top 10...Places to be found in your Underwear!
(027) Top 10...Things to do with a Coathanger!
(028) Top 10...Things to bring to a church Picnic!
(029) Top 10...Things to do with that hubcap you found in the Street!
(030) Top 10...Things you have thought during a boring Car Ride!
(031) Top 10...Things to do while having your teeth Cleaned!
(032) Top 10...Things to Sell at an Online Auction!
(033) Top 10...Things to Say at a Funeral!
(034) Top 10...Things to say on a Date!
(035) Top 10...Reasons to give your boss after being late for work!
(036) Top 10...Things to do with SPAM (the meat)!
(037) Top 10...Things to do with SPAM (the email)!
(038) Top 10...Places to build a Snowman!
(039) Top 10...Things to Give up for the New Year!
(040) Top 10...Things You'd Never Expect to see in a Normal Day!
(041) Top 10...Things to Win Online!
(042) Top 10...Things to Give as a Christmas Present to someone you really Hate!
(043) Top 10...Ways to let a friend know you don't like them anymore!
(044) Top 10...Places to hang out on a day you cut school!
(045) Top 10...Ways to Avoid Taxes!
(046) Top 10...Things to do with a Commercial Online Service Disc!
(047) Top 10...Things to do during a Sermon!
(048) Top 10...Places to Lose your Keys!
(049) Top 10...Ways to Void your score on SAT Day!
(050) Top 10...Ways to Tell you're an Internet Addict!
(051) Top 10...Ways to Get Lost!
(052) Top 10...Reasons not to Vote!
(053) Top 10...Ways to know You're Cheap!
(054) Top 10...Ways to Celebrate the End of College Finals Week!
(055) Top 10...Reasons to Have Children!
(056) Top 10...Ways to Tell You're an Online Shopping Addict!
(057) Top 10...Signs your Spouse Loves your Cat more than They Love You!
(058) Top 10...Ways to Know You're an MP3 Trading Addict!
(059) Top 10...Things to Do on a Friday Night!
(060) Top 10...Reasons to Start a Cult!
(061) Top 10...Blog Topics!
(062) Top 10...MySpace Bulletin Topics!
(063) Top 10...Reasons to be a Comp Sci Major!
(064) Top 10...Ways to Lose Your Cell Phone!
(065) Top 10...Things to Find While Cleaning Out Your Couch!
(066) Top 10...Reasons to Take a Sick Day!
(067) Top 10...Reasons to Get a Speeding Ticket!
(068) Top 10...Reasons to Update your Facebook Status!


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