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1- How many cups of a caffeinated beverage did you consume today (if it is before 6am, please use your totals from the previous day)?

a) none
b) a few
c) I don't got that many fingers, dude.

2- Do you like your coffee regular or decaf?

a) decaf
b) regular
c) I like Jolt damnit! Give me my Jolt!

3- Who makes Jolt Cola?

a) I don't know.
b) Hang a sec, I'll check this can next to my monitor.
c) Wet Planet, duh!

4- What's the Jolt Cola Logo?

a) I never seen it.
b) A lightning bolt through the O in Jolt.
c) A lightning bolt through the O in Jolt with a red shadow.

5- What's is the proper way to spell the drug that this page is about?

a) this page is about a drug?
b) caffeine
c) Hey man, I missed the question while I was sipping my Dew... repeat por favor?

6- What is better, a beer or a Mountain Dew?

a) they both taste like piss.
b) beer.

7- What is the meaning of life?

a) to multiply and be fruitful.
b) to die and return as a taco.

8- What does MSG make food taste like?

a) was MSG?
c) I just spilled my freakin' coffee all over my keyboard. Come again?

9- How many letters are there in the word caffeine?

a) 3
b) 8
c) Hey... my can of Dew says... LETS GO FOR BOTH!

10- Is this your second time taking the quiz?

a) no
b) yes
c) no, third (or more)