(please note this page was written while I was still undergoing chemo -- I am fine now and do not suffer from chemo-related ills.)

I am on the MOPP/ABV protocol for chemotherapy.

Surgery Sides (Biopsy and Port-a-cath)

Other than pain, I had two side effects from drugs around surgery time.

Alprazolam - Took away all my worries, made me tired.

Acetaminophen/Codeine - Take away most of my pain, made me tired.

MOPP/ABV Chemo Sides

I have had a headache permanently since treatment began. The most probable cause is low white blood cell count. For specific side effects I had from some chemo drugs, here are the ones that gave me problems:

Nitrogen Mustard - smelled funny while being "pushed" (shot into your IV). Did a hell of a job at shrinking my visible lymphs!

Prednisone - caused me to gain 30lbs of weight over my first 3 months of treatment, and made me both superhyper and superhungry all day every day. It gives you a bad metallic taste, so here is how I got the pills down:

  • Step 1: Ate Breakfast
  • Step 2: Poured two cups of orange juice (any citric juice would probably work)
  • Step 3: Swallowed pills and drank all 16oz. of orange juice.
  • Step 4: Ran Outside and Ate a Green Vegetable Immediately, usually a big pickle, a half a bell pepper, or a half a salted cucumber for me. I usually thought to myself how beautiful the green grass was and would forget why I was running around.

Procarbazine - mouth sores (take Lysine every day to prevent this, it works) and low white blood cell count.

One of the rainforest drugs gave me this weird 1hr rash on my stomach, but it would go away quickly.

I am also in the process of losing my hair. It took over a month for it to start shedding, and it gets really annoying. I wore a black beret (until I lost it at the y100 Feztival) to keep me from pulling it all out from pure stress.

I have a headache everyday now, and I am much more talkative than pre-diagnosis. I care a lot more for the little things most people take for granted, and personal items have little meaning to me. I fear being away from my friends for periods longer than 48 hours. I eat a lot, but am still a few pounds underweight.

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