Greetings Friends:

It's been a tough but very rewarding year for me.

You may have read last year that I was going to make a computer game for cancer patients as a summer project, and that's exactly what happened. I worked about 60 hours per week (talk about passion...) with the great artist Yuko Oda (and a terrific Albright College digital media professor). The finished game is awesome. It takes less than a minute to download if you have cable or DSL, and a few minutes if you're on dial-up (but totally worth it!). Go ahead and play it now if you haven't already: it's at

Yuko Oda and I presented the game to a group of nursing students and researchers in April 2004 during the National Conferences for Undergraduate Research. It's great to be able to get a laugh out of an audience from the normally serious topic of cancer. We also took the game to the Wellspan Health Center in York, Pennsylvania, where social workers fell in love with it and are using it with children. We're in the process of telling our local chapter of the American Cancer Society about the game.

I could really use your help getting the word out about the game. It's simple:, and the title is "The Cancer Game." Please tell your friends and family about it, and tell your oncologists, nurses, and other survivors about it. We spent a lot of work on it, and the more people that learn about it, try it, and give us feedback, the better!

One local newspaper, The Reading Eagle interviewed me about the game, and turned it into the front page story for Saturday, May 15 2004. It was a terrific story and we got a lot of positive feedback from it. If you like The Cancer Game, please write or e-mail us and tell us what you think.

On another note, I did graduate from college today, with a degree in computer science and digital media. Now I can think of myself as both a college graduate and a cancer survivor. The first will take a little getting used to--I have over seven years experience in the survivor bit.

The Crumpled Note : a teenager's battle with cancer is available in Kindle form (you need to purchase it online, no bookstores have it as far as I know). It's a very personal story, but it's one I'm happy to share with you. It's incredible as to how much cancer has impacted the rest of my life.

Let me remind you that I am looking for links to other good cancer & survivor sites. If you wrote a site, or know of a great one, please e-mail me from this links page. Thanks!

Be Well, and have a nice summer!

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