Greetings Loyal Site Visitors, recently-hired mercenaries, and those abducted from other planets merely to witness this great statement of five-year-ness:

Yes, yes, five years. Whew. Talk about crazy life-changing events.

It's kind of insane to think over six years ago I was standing in my kitchen, learning that I might have cancer. And a little over a year after that I was curled up on my bed under covers praying to any and all higher power that the cancer was gone--that my new lump was just a fluke.

Sometimes I wish I had the kind of energy I had back then. It's really hard for me to understand how I had such an adrenaline rush for such a long time. I guess I just realized that I wanted to know what this life was like so much I really had no choice but to take it all head on. My armor may have been thin but I had spirit that was unmatchable.

I recently won a summer scholarship from my college to develop a small arcade-style game for cancer patients. I know ten weeks is short to undertake such a monumentous task, but I think when you ask a cancer survivor what they can do in ten weeks if they put their mind to it, you'll get a totally different answer than you would get from someone who has never been challenged in their life. I look forward to having the opportunity to show what is possible in such a short period of time when you give it everything you've got. I think it'll help me reminisce with the old days. I think it's a shame I can't develop a game in as short of the week it took my immune system to be rebuilt from scratch after a PBSCT. But it's always been hard to match the human body in terms beauty and resilience.

I also see that CafePress will be offering book publishing "soon." I am hoping to test a print of The Crumpled Note and see if it is up to par. If it is I hope to offer it for sale here for those of you who have been waiting for a print copy. I'm looking forward to seeing it in paperback myself.

Hey, if you know anyone itching to donate $50,000 to a good cause, my school could really use an updated digital media lab. *cough* Hey, no one can say I didn't try!


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