Senior Seminar 404E - Recommended Readings, References, and Resources

Welcome to Senior Seminar 404E. If you've arrived at this page, you may have clicked a link on that may be towards a resource that has not yet been completed. This is a page to learn more in the meantime. You may have also clicked the link in my signature file in my e-mail. Thanks for your support, email reader.

Here's some basics of We've been hosted by FutureQuest Hosting for under $10 a month for over a decade. They're super awesome. They'll also pay us money if you sign up for hosting through this link.

We're also affiliate with iPage, which is more made for people who are not super experts. The downside is there server offers secure FTP, but not SSH. So if you're a UNIX-y coder, or plan to be, FutureQuest is probably a better choice for you.

Web Hosting by iPage - Affordable and E-Commerce Enabled

We purchase our domain names for the empire through GoDaddy, who offer both domain name services and hosting. They're also worth checking out. They also pay us.

There are a few topics that I didn't have time to write about in the first seventeen years of Mainly, Consumer Experiences (CX) and User Experience (UX), SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and programming. Online Teaching was also something I wanted to write about, as we've had about a million people come to to learn topics like HTML and CSS.

What the future holds, is mostly that for the time being, I am working on a novel, and developing mobile apps and games at Crazy But Lazy Digital Design Studios. Our first app, Web Design Basics: HTML and CSS Code, is already ranked 5-stars and has been downloaded several thousand times. I spent two days on the icon. I really like the icon.

Please download Web Design Basics, then check out some of our Recommended Readings. More will be added in time.