My Guide to Choosing (Domain) Names When Everything Else is Taken

Ways to Pick a Name when Millions Are Taken

Well, if you're ever tried to register your first domain name for your web hosting package, you've probably noticed that millions of creative names are already taken.

There are two things specifically important here. Unless you're going to be doing radio advertising for your site, most people will be typing your site from print or clicking a link from another site. So clever names are absolutely the right choice nowadays. It doesn't matter if they'd be difficult to type from when you say it. It's completely acceptable to make something memorable that's longer than your first choice.

Here's an example. When I was looking for a name for my mobile apps company, which would be developing mostly handheld games, I wanted something that would be a memorable brand. I picked something that sounded decent together, "crazy but lazy." Usually if you pick two somewhat related words, and put them into a clever combination, it ends up being a great, usable name.

If you're picking a web site for a traditional business, you can always add your city, state, or some other specific information at the end of your domain name choosing. If I ran Dave's Taco Paradise, and that was taken already as

and I was located in Paradise, PA (as is my company) I could simply add PA to it making it:

These little variations make the choice you want available. Maybe not 100% of what you need, but a solid 95% for sure.

Next Step

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