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So many CPUs... and all of them seem to be messed up in one way or another.

So of these new CPUs, which one is the best?

If you are currently using 16-bit code (Windows 3.1), or a mix of 16 and 32-bit code (Windows95), and plan to upgrade to only 32-bit code, with a little 16-bit (WindowsNT, Windows97, Unix, etc.) then the Cyrix 6x86 series of chips is probably the best choice. If you also want a faster FPU, then the Intel Pentium series would be better. For TRUE 32-bit operating systems (Unix, Unix, and Unix) then you would want Intel's Pentium-Pro, or better yet, a true RISC chip such as Sun's high-performance Sparc. If you want an alternate to these chips, consider AMD's K5 (5k86).


I have a 486, and it is getting slow... what should I do?

Option #1) Buy a new computer!
Option #2) If you bought your computer from a major systems manufacturer, call them and ask about upgrade options!
Option #3) Give up on computers, go watch TV the rest of your life.
Option #4) Read and agree with the disclaimer...
The author of this page is in no way responsible for any actions you take, replacing whatever you broke, any personal injuries that may incur, or anything else such as loss of time at work and other bad stuff. I am NOT responsible for anything that you did because you have read this page, not before you read this page, not while reading this page, not after reading this page. If you do not understand, do not continue.
Option #5) By reading this option, you state that you have read and agreed with the disclaimer above.


I have a 586, and it is getting slow... what should I do?



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