I picked the name Blue for Credit because of the difficulty retailers in the United States make in forcing PIN-based transactions.  If you want to purchase a book for $15, it’ll most likely ask you for a PIN.  You won’t get rewards you’d get for using a credit card (if you even have rewards anymore) if you enter your PIN, plus you’ll have to go through fun cash-back screens and confirmations on the PIN-bad when all you want to do is get your item and get out of the store!  PIN based transactions, overall, slow down a checkout experience.

To stop a PIN-based ATM transaction, you have to hit a button.  Some retailers use RED which should mean “STOP” not “Credit.” It makes absolutely no sense to hit a RED button begin to accomplish something you WANT TO DO.  (Red should be reserved for not doing something.)  Most PIN-pads have Green, Yellow, and Red buttons, so life would be easier if everyone would just install a new PIN-bad and just have you press Blue for Credit.  10 Second Training.  Less Headache.

I want to help people design a better world.


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